Jimmy Kimmel compares Trump to Hunter Biden in latest late-night rant

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel drew a comparison between Donald Trump and Hunter Biden after the former president admitted he owned a gun.

Trump made the confession during his pre-sentencing probation interview on Monday, a required step after he was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records in the hush money trial in New York City on May 31. The first-ever convicted former president had three firearms, two of which were handed to NYPD last March while a third weapon was “lawfully moved to Florida,” CNN reported.

Speaking about the weapon, Kimmel said on his Wednesday show: “That could be a violation of his parole and could be another potential felony.” He then joked: “Who does this guy think he is, Hunter Biden?”

The president’s son also made history this week as the first child of a sitting president to become a convicted felon after a jury found him guilty of three felony gun charges.

After Biden was convicted, Trump’s press secretary issued a statement: “This trial has been nothing more than a distraction from the real crimes of the Biden Crime Family.”

Trump has a fine line to walk with his comments about the president’s son, as the fact that Hunter Biden was convicted cuts directly into his own arguments. Trump has repeatedly claimed that President Joe Biden orchestrated the New York criminal case against him and complained that the Justice Department is “rigged.”

Trump’s gun license was suspended after he faced criminal charges last year — but now, following the historic verdict, it’s set to be revoked.

Kimmel turned back to the former president, wondering aloud: “Why does he even have a gun? He’s surrounded by Secret Service. Maybe he’s trying to protect himself from the windmills out there trying to kill him.”

“How would a gun even work with those tiny fingers? Giving Trump a gun is like giving a dog a saxophone,” the late-night host jabbed, alluding to claims that the former president has small hands.

Trump is set to be sentenced on July 11, while Hunter Biden’s sentence date has yet to be scheduled.