Jessie James Decker Gets Candid About Her Post-Baby Body Insecurities: 'I Weigh 30 Pounds More Right Now'

Jessie James Decker is opening up about her post-baby body weight.

The singer gave birth in February and has mixed feelings about her consequential weight gain.

Decker, 36, shares four children – Eric Thomas, Forrest Bradley, Vivianne Rose and Denver Calloway – with husband Eric, 37, who got a vasectomy one month after welcoming baby No. 4. For Decker, having children has changed her relationship with her body.

"I'll be honest I really didn't wanna post any of these kittenish swim photos because i weigh 30 pounds more right now than I did last year this time," Decker wrote on Instagram, alongside two pictures of herself rocking an orange bikini from her swimwear brand, Kittenish. "Yes I know I just had a baby three months ago but it's easy to compare on here and wonder why my body likes to hold on to it more than others."

She believes the expectations people put on new mothers to bounce back from gaining weight during pregnancy is unrealistic.

"The pressure we put on our self is not realistic," she stated.

Her post serves as a reminder for women to be gentle on themselves after having a baby.

"So this is a reminder to myself and to you," Decker continued. "Be kind to yourself. give yourself grace. We are healing after growing a human being for nine months. And if you're breast-feeding like me and your body needs to hold on to as much weight as possible to keep making milk, then let it. Focus on that sweet new baby because that's what it's all about. Plenty of time to 'get back' when it's time. But for now. Give yourself grace… you're doing great and you got this girl! We are in this together Xoxo."

Decker's friends flooded the comments with support.

"I know we have had this convo many times, but I love you for posting this, bc knowing someone as gorgeous as you also deals with this is a reminder we aren't alone! You're a badass mom & beautiful human!" commented mom of two Jamie Lynn Spears.

"YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING NOW AND ALWAYS!!!!" Olivia Culpo wrote, adding "#milf" in a second comment.

Many moms thanked Decker for getting real about her body image.

"I'm also 3 months pp and needed this," one commenter wrote.

"Thanks for speaking the truth and pressure that all mamas feel!! Love you," another commented.

By getting vulnerable and discussing her postpartum experience, Decker is helping other mothers to embrace the change that naturally happens with their bodies.


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