Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announce they are still together

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have announced they are staying together.

After reports circulated Friday that the couple had ended their relationship of four years, they issued a joint statement to NBC News through their representative on Saturday.

"All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things.”

Earlier Saturday, multiple sources close to the couple said: "They never officially broke up and had talked about it but are still together. They hit a rough patch that made them think about what they should do. They are sticking together. They are working through things.”

Lopez, 51, is currently filming a movie in the Dominican Republic while Rodriguez, 45, is in Miami.

"It's tough seeing each other especially with quarantining and Covid, but they are staying together," the sources said. “It’s important to them that they continue to be together.”

The celebrity couple has already postponed their wedding twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We've talked about that for sure. I mean, at our age, we've both been married before, it's like, do we get married? Do we not? What does it mean for us?" Lopez told Andy Cohen on SiriusXM's Radio Andy in December. "It was really sad because we were supposed to get married in June and we had planned it all. So in March or April, we're looking down the pipe and we're going, 'This is maybe not going to happen.' Italy's the worst place in the world. And we were going to get married in Italy. It was, yeah, it was like, I was like, 'OK, we got to cancel everything.'"

The Bronx-born Puerto Rican singer and actress added that they tried to "regroup a few months ago," but it was "still not the right time."

Lopez and Rodriguez have been engaged for two years. They first got engaged in 2019 while vacationing in the Bahamas.

In May of last year, NBC's "TODAY" show co-host Jenna Bush asked Lopez if she had learned anything new from Rodriguez during quarantine.

“We realized that we really do like each other," Lopez said. "We are okay being home together."

"We know that whenever we go back to somewhat normal, whatever that new normal is, it won’t be like this. And we won’t have this time that we’re having right now. So, we’re just kind of trying to savor it and be grateful for what it is."

Lopez is the mom of twins Max and Emme, 13, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony. Rodriguez is the dad to two daughters, Ella, 12, and Natasha, 16.

"The kids really loved each other from the beginning they really just got along," Lopez told TODAY last May. "We all love each other. We get along Alex and I have been together for over three years. We are a family."

In 2018, Lopez said her relationship with Rodriguez was different from her previous romances.

"He's brought something to my life that I've never had before, which is kind of an unconditional support and love, kind of a matching of like, twin souls," she told Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist at the time. "That's a different thing for me, now I know what it's like to be with me. He works as much as I do. He's kind of as driven as I am."