J.Lo Source Says Ben Affleck Is "Impossible" But She Doesn't Want to Be Divorced "Like Madonna"

celebrity sightings in paris july 26th, 2022
J.Lo's Friend Says Ben Affleck Is "Impossible"Pierre Suu - Getty Images

You know those tired (and false, fwiw) theories that the "real reason" Jennifer Lopez canceled her This Is Me...Live tour was due to poor ticket sales? Well, according to the Daily Mail, sales were actually at a "healthy 78 percent" ahead of the tour, and real reason she pulled out has everything to do with Ben Affleck.

According to "people who know" the couple, the Atlas star is extremely committed to saving their marriage—even though one source said Ben is "impossible" and "very difficult to live with."

Another insider pointed out that J.Lo "has been taking the blame for the end of the tour and the marriage, and the mockery of the world. It is all the opposite of the truth."

celebrity sightings in paris july 26th, 2022
Pierre Suu - Getty Images

Meanwhile, one of her friends says "She wants this marriage to work so much that she is willing to make any sacrifice including giving up being J-Lo. She doesn't want to be divorced. She doesn't want to end up like Madonna—on her own at 60."

The friend adds "She lets him smoke, which is huge—she hates smoking and to be around that as a singer is a straight no, but he never gave up when they were dating and married. She won't give up this relationship. She's going out there looking as normal as she can. It's sad to see her dimming her shine to try to keep him."

Friends say Jennifer is extremely supportive of Ben, but one person close to them says he "will never be able to deal with being married to someone with her level of stardom."

As for whether they'll be able to make it work, the friend says "we all think that it's over and that will be official before the end of the summer."

Here's to hoping these two pull through!

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