Is drinking vinegars the new trend? May be the secret to healthy, glowing skin

We've discussed Apple Cider Vinegar and its amazing beauty benefits -- we even have friends who apply it to their skin every night for clear pores. And while we understand that some are totally addicted to its benefits (and willing to brace the smell/taste to reap those benefits), we were a little surprised to hear that it's going mainstream!

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That's right, there's now a restaurant in London called Raw Duck, and the Daily Mail revealed that they are the first restaurant with a "menu dedicated to fermented vinegar." The owners are expecting it to catch on in a big way -- especially since stars like Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox have both sung the praises of drinking and eating more vinegar to keep their skin glowing.

You might be laughing at the idea of ordering a vinegar drink while you're at a restaurant, but how many places are now offering green juices and smoothies regularly? Trendy foods and drinks can definitely sweep the public, especially when they're heralded by celebrities.

What do you think? Would you ever order a vinegar-based drink at a restaurant if it's promising beautiful skin?

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