Illegal fireworks spark fire on bridge over Texas lake, officials say

City of Killeen

Fireworks illegally set off on a bridge over a Texas lake caused a large Fourth of July fire, officials say.

Killeen city officials shared an image of the fire around 11 p.m. and said firefighters were on the Stillhouse bridge over Stillhouse Hollow Lake for reports of fireworks being set off.

Residents were asked to avoid the bridge as crews battled the fire.

Fireworks are illegal in Killeen, the central Texas town in between Austin and Waco.

“A reminder that fireworks of any type are not only dangerous, but are illegal in the City of Killeen,” the police department reminded the public on July 1.

City officials in Killeen said illegal fireworks in the city caused more than a dozen grass fires and a fence catching fire.

Firefighters were “handling fireworks warnings” Monday, and officials said multiple citations were issued. People who set off fireworks are subjected to a $2,000 fine.

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