You hyped, KC? Mahomes, teammates, NFL rally fans ahead of Chiefs Super Bowl parade

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Kansas City Chiefs fan @HonestAve tweeted a map showing the drive time from Washington, D.C., to Kansas City — 17 hours, 4 minutes — and asked: “Will y’all judge me if i drive to the chiefs parade tomorrow??”

He would get very little judgment in this town.

Kansas City is ready to party.

Kansas City Chiefs players and their fans took to social media Tuesday to hype up the Super Bowl victory parade, which is expected to draw a half million people to downtown Kansas City Wednesday.

Vape shops around Kansas City jokingly tweeted a get-out-of-work pass for Chiefs fans — on “stationery” from the desk of Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

“Psst. You might need this if you’re heading to the @Chiefs parade tomorrow. #ChiefsKingdom,” tweeted several, including drive-thru convenience store and vape shop EZ Mart in Olathe.

On Facebook fans posted photos from the last Super Bowl rally in 2020 and asked, “who’s going tomorrow?”

Late Tuesday afternoon the NFL, in best hype man fashion, tweeted Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s epic victory speech from 2020, when he infamously yelled, to thunderous applause, “we had to fight for our right to party!”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes hyped fans with a tweet, too: “#ChiefsKingdom!!!! Can’t wait to see y’all tomorrow at the parade!!! Let’s have a GREAT time!”

A couple of his teammates already had the celebration’s beverage service in mind.

“Anyway… whose showing up to this parade tomorrow?!” offensive lineman Andrew Wylie tweeted Tuesday. “I’m trying to chug some beers with y’all,”

Replied Twitter user Mikey Mayhem: “I don’t even drink beer but, I’ll gladly chug one with THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPION KANSAS CITY CHIEFS! LETS GO BABY.”

“We got modelos for y’all right where y’all begin on Berkley,” another fan told him.

Teammate Juan Thornhill asked his Twitter followers the same thing: “Who chugging a beer with me tomorrow?”

“Don’t ask if you’re not down! Bring it I’ll meet you at Union Station! About to jump on a plane to KC now!”

“I’ll toss ya one from my balcony on 5th and grand.”

Well, that would be an illegal forward pass at this celebration, the rules for which are posted online at,

Public alcohol consumption at the parade and rally is prohibited. Then again, that rule didn’t stop players from chugging beers like champs during the 2020 victory parade.

Bud Light tweeted before the Super Bowl they were sending free beer to the championship city, a promotion involving former Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles.

Donna Kelce, mother of Travis Kelce, is also involved in the giveaway Wednesday.

Parade organizers said there won’t be anyone walking up and down the parade route handing out free beer. The freebies will be handed out only at specific locations. Bud Light is sending people to for more information.

No pot at the parade, either. You can’t light up, even though Missouri dispensaries began selling recreational marijuana earlier this month.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas had parade fashion on his mind Tuesday, asking his 88,000 Twitter followers: “What are y’all wearing to the parade?”

“I was hoping to borrow Rhianna’s long red coat, but she is not returning my calls,” one fan shared, referencing singer Rihanna’s Chiefs-red costume during the Super Bowl halftime.

“I’m going early to get a prime photography vantage point, so I’ll be wearing Depends,” someone else told the mayor.

“I’ll be the one wearing red lol,” tweeted a fan coming from Omaha.

“KC hope y’all ready for tomorrow,” tweeted Brittany Mahomes, married to Patrick and mother of their two young children.

Mahomes has already ridden in a victory parade this week. On Monday in California, he rode on a float decorated with balloons in Chiefs colors and the team logo, accompanied by a couple of big mice and followed by a “Super Bowl Champions” banner.

The mice were Mickey and Minnie, inexplicably dressed in purple and white. The Mahomes family visited Disneyland Monday.

“Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes just had his celebratory parade at Disneyland!” the amusement park tweeted.

With a forecast of a cool, dry day with a mild breeze, it could be comfortable parade weather for at least 499,999 people.

Not so much for one Chiefs fan Sarah Miles, who vented to Lucas on Twitter that she is going to miss the festivities.

Guess who finally caught the coronavirus?

“Cant go, stupid Covid. First time getting stupid Covid!” @CSarahMiles tweeted.