A heat wave is coming! What to know about the 'prolonged' stretch of hot weather.

It's going to be hotter in parts of New England than it is in Florida this week, with a heat wave expected to settle over the area Tuesday.

"The worst of the heat and humidity will happen from Tuesday through Friday," Torry Dooley, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Norton, said Monday.

Dooley added that the hottest days will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with Thursday the hottest. Temperatures are expected to crack the upper 90s and the real feel could be over 100 on some days.

"The whole state (of Massachusetts) is under heat advisories or watches," Dooley said.

It's more than just the whole state under advisories and watches. Northern Rhode Island and northern Connecticut are also under heat advisories.

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Heat wave forecast

Tuesday, the temperatures are expected to climb into the low 90s, with some relief around the coastal areas, Dooley said. And by some relief, that means temperatures that are still in the mid-80s.

Dooley said Wednesday will be in the "mid-to upper 90s" away from the coast.

A graphic by AccuWeather illustrating the current path of what could be the first heat wave of the season in the northeast.
A graphic by AccuWeather illustrating the current path of what could be the first heat wave of the season in the northeast.

Thursday will probably be the hottest of the days, with heat in the upper 90s, Dooley said. He noted in the Connecticut River Valley, temperatures may even crack 100 degrees.

If you were hoping for some relief when the sun goes down, it's not promising.

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"And the overnight temperatures won't get much better," Dooley said, adding that low temperatures will only be around 70 degrees in the evening hours.

"There won't be much relief," Dooley said. "This is going to be a prolonged stretch of heat."

He added temperatures are still looking like they could be "abnormally high" when Saturday rolls around.

Are there any areas that might stay cooler?

The AccuWeather forecast states that "light winds and coastal breezes may keep temperatures 10 to 20 degrees lower in major coastal cities like Boston...compared to areas several miles inland."

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How does this bode for the rest of the summer?

At the start of the summer, forecasters said to expect it to likely be hotter than normal this year.

AccuWeather predicted temperatures would be 3 to 4 degrees higher than normal in New England. Boston, in particular, could see "three to four times as many 90-degree days this year compared to the five recorded in 2023."

One factor contributing to the weather pattern is the waning El Niño and the developing La Niña is also a factor in the NOAA's forecast for a warm summer. In addition to those, long-term trends of above-normal temperatures are factored into the forecast.

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