Gunter Nezhoda, 'Storage Wars' Star, Dead at 67

The Storage Wars family is mourning the loss of a treasured member.

Gunter Nezhoda, the father of Storage Wars star Rene Nezhoda, has died at 67 years old. Gunter, an Austrian native who worked as a photographer and also had a handful of acting credits, was a familiar face to fans of the A&E series, appearing on multiple episodes between 2015 and 2019.

Rene shared the news of his father's death with fans in a video message posted to social media on Wednesday. Rene confirmed his dad died "peacefully" in his sleep on Tuesday night from lung cancer complications after being diagnosed six months earlier.

While Rene shared that the family kept the diagnosis private and thought Gunter would recover, he said there were holes in his dad's lungs and there was nothing doctors could do.

Rene reflected on his father's time on the show, noting, "People just loved being around him, including the crew, including everybody. Everybody loved working with my dad."

"Hopefully," Renee added, "he’s up there in heaven with my mom dancing again and, you know, no more pain."


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