Grizzly Bear with 5 Cubs Caught on Camera in Yellowstone and Everyone’s Smitten

Shutterstock/Danita Delimont

Talk about having your hands full! A grizzly bear was spotted with 5 cubs in tow at Yellowstone National Park on June 5th. The video was shared by Stan Mills, who captures animals in the wild throughout the park, including bears, wolves, cougars, and anything else he crosses paths with.

The video is over 16 minutes long, but his encounter with the grizzly family starts at 2 minutes and 10 seconds when Mills hiked over a small mound and spotted the brood. Watch as mom stands up when she spots the man and keeps an eye on him as her cubs play in the background. Although Mills keeps his distance and mama bear doesn't appear to be upset, mama decides it's time to find somewhere else to hang out, far from any humans so she can keep her babies safe.

Commenters were just as impressed with Mills' video as I was. @chrislewis2421 said, "Thanks Stan for allowing us to see something we never would have. Be safe out there." @danh3718 shared, "Seeing a grizzly with 5 cubs is a once in a lifetime event." and another commenter added, "Seeing 5 cubs in insane. What a find!" It's very cool to see something so rare, and of course, the cubs were adorable, and it was fun to watch them play!

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Grizzlies and Their Cubs

Cowboy State Daily said in an article that this mama, "might have set a regional record with a litter of five cubs, and some of those cubs may have been adopted." She's got her hands full! Bears normally have more than one cub at a time; while it is possible for them to have five cubs, they usually only have two. As the Daily mentioned, if a mother comes across orphaned or lost cubs, they've been known to "adopt" them and raise them as their own.

Grizzlies may be terrifying to us humans, but like human moms, mama bears can be very cuddly when it comes to their babies. Mothers are patient and loving, and they nurture and feed their cubs until they are about 2-1/2 to three years old. Wildlife Insider explains, "The mother bear will decide when she wants her cubs to stop nursing. This is usually when she is ready to mate again."

Mama bears will do so anything to keep their babies safe and are extremely protective of their cubs. They can immediately become aggressive anytime they feel threatened or think that their cubs are in harm's way. And you're pretty much out of luck if they decide that you're a threat since they can run up to 35 miles per hour. Grizzlies will stand up to appear taller when they feel threatened, and they'll attack without a second thought if they think their cubs are in danger.

Mothers remember where their hibernation dens are as well as where sources of food are. Their number one priority is to always keep their cubs safe and fed. This sounds a lot like us human moms, too!

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