Golden Retriever Relaxing in Her Brand New Bedroom Is Beyond Cute

CC Bohdan Malitskiy/Shutterstock

There are people who treat their dogs like their bestie and then people who treat their dogs like their kids. And who doesn't spoil their kids every now and then? One dog mama went the extra mile for her pup and gave her Golden her own room. And video of the pup enjoying her new digs is too good to be true.

We don't blame the dog mama for giving her good girl the very best. And it seems like Chloe didn't mind it either.

The Golden had everything in her new room that a dog could want: stuffies for cuddling, a ball pit, and a full-sized bed. The Golden Retriever was clearly loving her new space too. She was resting on her new princess-sized bed when her mom came up to pay her a visit.

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"You liking your new room?" the woman asked the dog in the clip, who was snuggled up on bed with a stuffed animal in her mouth. "You're so sweet, you know that? Have a good nap, honey," she added.

Honestly, we're sort of jealous. Chloe is really living the good life. "This needs the ‘this is nicccceeee’ sound," joked one commenter. "I wish every dog could have this kind of life," someone else added. "I want to be a spoiled Golden Retriever with my own room in a suburban one ever tells me to have a good nap," a third commenter lamented. "That’s such an intense sploot lol," one person teased.

Should You Share Your Bed With Your Dog?

Some of us may not be able to, ya' know, give our dog their own bedroom. But you can do other things to spoil them rotten. The question is — should you let them sleep in the bed with you? There's a lot of conflicting opinions about the topic, but ultimately the choice is personal.

Some people believe that dogs should sleep on the floor or in their crate, but there is nothing wrong with letting your dog sleep with you. Some studies have even shown that co-sleeping with your pet can be beneficial to them, and to you.

Some people believe that allowing your dog to sleep in your bed will encourage bad behavior or cause them to have separation anxiety. But it might be more of a chicken and egg situation. Does your dog want to sleep with you because it has separation anxiety or does sleeping with you give separation anxiety to your dog?

The truth is that if your dog is well-adjusted in general, they should be fine spending the night in your bed. The only real threat is waking up to your dog snoring straight in your face.

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