Golden Retriever Known as USA Gymnastics’ ‘Goodest Boy’ Is Capturing Hearts Everywhere


A Golden Retriever named Beacon captured hearts in Minneapolis at the end of June at the USA Gymnastics Olympic trials. Beacon was a team volunteer and worked as a therapy dog to comfort competing athletes. He's now part of the team, and the USA Gymnastics even gave him an official title: Goodest Boy!

CBS News shared a video on Saturday, July 6th of Beacon delighting the waiting crowd by playing fetch with a tennis ball. With his tail wagging and a huge smile on his face, he ran around chasing the ball. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear the audience's reaction to the cute pup!

CBS News' video totally made me smile! The Golden Retriever was definitely having fun, the audience was having fun, and even the announcer sounded like he was having fun! Commenters also enjoyed watching the dog. @Kelly pointed out, "Not just a good boy but an Olympian!" and @SENKEY SOLDIER wondered, "Does the Goodest Boy get a gold medal?" I think we all would agree that he should!

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More About Deacon, USA Gymnastics' Goodest Boy

After seeing CBS' video, I had to learn more about 4-year-old Beacon, the official Goodest Boy for the USA Gymnastics. I learned that Beacon is the first ever certified, credentialed canine staff member for the team. He was there to offer support to the athletes, coaches, staff, and anyone else who needed it at the trials in Minneapolis from June 27th - 30th, and many people took him up on it!

Beacon's mom is Tracey Callahan Molnar and she's had Beacon since he was a puppy. She had him certified as a therapy dog through Pet Partners. The athletes loved having him around, and he loved being the center of attention and helping those who needed it. Gymnast Suni Lee even publicly thanked Beacon on Instagram, "“Thank god for Beacon. Day 1 of trials done, onto day 2.” She included several photos in her post, one was of her and Beacon both smiling!

Many athletes and coaches were glad to have Beacon around to celebrate their successes and help comfort them during the hard times. Beacon's mom shared in an interview with NEXSTAR, "One of the gymnasts suggested [Beacon] should be the CHO, that would be the Chief Happiness Officer." She also told ESPN, "His tasks require him to work as a “sort of emotional sponge” for athletes as they experience stress. The result is that Beacon gets tired by the end of the day." I bet he is!

A USAG representative shared in a statement to PEOPLE and said, "We are looking into if he can go to Paris. As you can imagine, it's a bit complicated." I think that anybody who reads about Beacon and the impact he has with the athletes would all agree that we'd like to see Beacon go to the Paris Olympics. Fingers crossed!

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