Golden Retriever 'Adopts' Tiny Fawn and the Video Is Full of Sweetness

CC Olena Brodetska/Shutterstock

We all know that dogs are friendly, but there's a real downside to how social they can be. Namely that they seem to become pals with anyone and anything — even when it's really not convenient. Like one Golden Retriever, who rolled up to his mama with an unlikely companion.

Sadie surprised her pet owner when she brought home the cutest baby fawn.

Kayla Pumpelly was downright flabbergasted when her Golden Retriever brought the baby deer home. Which we sort of understand — how in the world would the women even begin to get the fawn back to her parents?

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"Sadie! What! That is a baby deer," she said in the voiceover of the footage she shared online. "You can't keep that!" she added. "You've gotta put that back where you found it."

The deer had gotten so turned around that it even started nursing from the Golden. Thankfully, the fawn's mama eventually came around, but we have to imagine that for a minute there things looked really scary.

Commenters were cracking up over Sadie's surprise house guest. "Sadie said 'but she’s mine now,'" joked one person. "Sadie said, 'Finders keepers mom,'" someone else teased. "Sadie said, 'Mom, it wanted food! What was I supposed to do?'" a third person joked. "She said, ‘My name's not Sadie, it’s mom,'" one commenter added.

Maternal Instincts in Dogs

Dogs pick up other animal friends for reasons that aren't purely social. In fact, in this case we'd suspect Sadie's strong maternal instinct was behind her taking the fawn home. The Golden recently had puppies for one, but in general female dogs can "adopt" other animals somewhat easily.

It's been known to happen to a variety of animals; like deers, kittens, pigs — even squirrels. It's sort of like the dog will become a "surrogate" parent for the animal in need. Although not every animal will nurse from a dog like the fawn did.

Research suggests that dogs have a way to sniff out the pheromones in young mammals. It's important to remember that dogs are social creatures that love being part of a pack. They will even bond with other species in the right circumstances if they have to. Dogs don't really like to be alone, so it is sort of like a support mechanism to them.

We're sure that in the short time that they were together, Sadie was the best mama to the fawn she found. She would have definitely raised her like one of her own.

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