Glen Powell Explains Why He’s Not ‘Chasing Love’ After Gigi Paris Split

Glen Powell Explains Why Hes Not Chasing Love After Gigi Paris Split
Glen Powell and Gigi Paris Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Glen Powell split from his long-time girlfriend Gigi Paris over a year ago — and he’s been too busy to worry about a relationship ever since.

The Hit Man star, 35, told CBS Mornings that he hasn’t been seeking out a partner since his three-year-relationship with Paris came to an end, saying he worries a partner wouldn’t be able to handle the frenzy around him.

“This is a time where life is moving so fast that I don’t even know if I can bring someone into it in a healthy way even if I tried,” he told host Gayle King on Friday, June 7. “I’ve realized there’s new aspects and new complexities to this life and this job that I didn’t even understand.”

He added, “I’m not willing to have someone sign up for that if they’re not ready for it.”

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Powell is not opposed to settling down, however, saying he hopes to one day have kids and is receptive to any love that comes his way.

Glen Powell Explains Why Hes Not Chasing Love After Gigi Paris Split
Gigi Paris and Glen Powell Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

“I’m not chasing love. If love comes and hits me in the face and knocks me over, I welcome it with open arms,” he said. ”I really want kids. I really want that phase of life. It’s not far away [but] at the same time it’s going to take a very specific type of person to navigate all this.”

Despite the added complications that come with a rising star, Powell is taking his turn in the spotlight in stride.

“I’ve had the benefit of watching other guys in my position have the same moment,” he shared. “Sometimes it lasts, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no certainty in this town.”

Powell went on to share some advice he received about getting through a hype cycle from his Top Gun: Maverick costar Tom Cruise, who knows a thing or two about A-list attention.

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“Cruise told me, ‘When things pop off, it’s just going to get very loud. Nothing else has changed. You determine how loud that noise is going to be. You can turn it up, you can turn it down,’” Powell said.

Powell has taken Cruise’s advice to heart, turning down the noise by returning to his hometown of Austin and trying to stay grounded. He exclusively told Us Weekly in May that he has never let himself become jaded by the idea that he gets to make movies for a living.

“The job stays the same no matter what you’re doing,” he told Us last month. “I get as much joy on sets today as I did when I was 14 years old.”