Frenchie’s Excitement Over Trying Watermelon for the First Time Is Impossible to Resist

Shutterstock/Gryllus M

Something that many dog parents like to do is to let our pups try new foods and watch their reactions to them. Benji is a French Bulldog whose dad lets him try new things, and in this video it's watermelon. It's a refreshing treat that many of us enjoy all summer long!

Benji's dad posted the video at the beginning of July. It starts with dad showing his pooch the weird green object and letting him sniff and check it out...he probably thinks it's a big, green ball! Then dad slices it open and takes Benji outside to try it. I think it's safe to say that it's a hit!

Benji is a fan of watermelon! It's the perfect refreshing and hydrating summer treat that you can enjoy with your dog. Commenters also enjoyed the cute video. @Hekela said, "That’s so adorable. Love the little excited jumps!" Many people gave other fruit suggestions for Benji to try. @Paula-Andreaa shared, "So cuuuuuute!!!! Try mango. My Frenchie loves it!" @Bailey the FrenchieDog added, "Get strawberries! I get mine from the farmer's market. If they are sour mine won’t eat it."

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Human Foods Dogs Can (And Can't!) Eat

I can't wait to give my dog watermelon! It's so versatile and you can give it to them fresh or freeze it and it's kind of like giving them a pupsicle. My dog also loves blueberries, carrots, strawberries, and chicken. But there are so many more foods that I want her to try.

First off, before you give any new food to your dog, Google them first to find out if they can safely have them. Did you know that grapes are toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure? Onions and garlic are also toxic. That's why it's so important to check on even everyday foods that you probably have in your kitchen.

But there are so many healthy foods that you can give to your pooch as an occasional treat! Many of these actually help keep your dog’s teeth clean as well. One of my dog's favorite treats are both fresh and frozen berries. Did you know that strawberries have enzymes that help keep a dog’s teeth white! Carrots are hard and 'brush' your dog's teeth as they chew them up. Dental hygiene is really important to your dog's health and becomes even more important as your dog ages. Some dog breeds are more predisposed to developing dental problems than others, which is why offering them healthy foods to keep them in tip top shape should be a priority.

Others yummy foods to consider include celery, apples (deseeded), coconut, almonds, and sweet potatoes. Feed your pup all of these in moderation; some of them are high in sugar and can cause your dog to gain weight. And when in doubt, especially if your dog has medical issues or allergies, always check with your vet first. Even foods that are safe for dogs can upset their tummies, and this list contains foods to give them when they have stomach issues. It's good to keep on hand!

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