You've Heard of PB&J, But What About PB&PR?

You've Heard of PB&J, But What About PB&PR?

Do you ever wish you could put peanut butter on everything? Well, the truth is, you nearly can. We love getting adventurous with the beloved spread! Next time you reach for a jar, consider replacing that banana or slice of bread with pork rinds (of all things!).

While you may not always have a bag of pork rinds handy in your pantry, it is worth grabbing a bag to try this creative pairing. Serve the unlikely duo as a chip and dip and enjoy the juxtaposition of nutty, creaminess with a pork-flavored crunch.

If you're like us and love trying new things, we've got some other great pairing ideas. Have you ever considered wrapping pretzels in smoked salmon? How about cantaloupe with everything bagel spice or french fries dipped in ice cream?

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