You've Been Eating These Fruits All Wrong

You've Been Eating These Fruits All Wrong

You might've heard that you're actually eating bananas upside down, while chimpanzees have it right. But that's not the only fruit you've been eating all wrong. You are seriously wasting your time slaving over slices of kiwi, mango, oranges, strawberries and even watermelon, and you probably don't even know it.

Don't try to cut kiwi into slices! Instead, cut off the ends and spoon out the inner fruit—the skin will fall right off.

If you think that's more efficient, you'll love the right way to cut a mango. Instead of trying to slice the skin off of the sides of the tropical fruit, cut further into the fruit by the pit, and slice large chunks away from the pit. Then, slide the chunk of mango down a glass. The flesh will be separated from the skin and fall into the glass. Not a technique you've tried before, huh?

If you're always struggling with peeling oranges, then this next trick will probably change your life. Instead of peeling the orange and getting the skin into your fingernails (which inevitably punctures the soft flesh of the fruit), cut one long slice around the entire outside of the skin, and then pull off the rind. Dig your fingers into the peel to make sure to get the whole thing off in just two steps.

Don't worry, there's more. Did you know that you're actually wasting a good portion of the strawberry when you hack off the top stem? Instead, poke a straw through the bottom tip and the greens will come right off!

If you think these tips are wildly useful, you'll never believe how easy it is to cut a watermelon so that you have uniform squares in a bowl instead of rind-filled slices. You'll never cut fruit the same way again after watching this video.

Watch the video above to learn more about the fruits you've been eating all wrong.

Image Credit: Getty Images