You've Been Cooking Turkey All Wrong

You've Been Cooking Turkey All Wrong
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You've Been Cooking Turkey All Wrong

Roasted turkey is actually delicious—if you do it right! From dry meat to burnt skin, these turkey hacks can help save Thanksgiving.

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Cook Your Turkey Overnight

If you have a small oven, cooking your turkey and side dishes all on the same day can be stressful, which is why Andrea Watman of Zabar's pops her turkey in the oven around 11 p.m. the night before and wakes up to the wonderful smell of roasting turkey. She cooks her bird at a low temperature, tents it with foil and adds water to the roasting pan.

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Ice Your Turkey

Dry breast meat and undercooked legs? Avoid this mistake by chilling the raw turkey breast with an ice pack. Fifteen minutes can lower the temperature eight degrees, which can be the difference between disaster and deliciousness.

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Skip Basting

According to Alton Brown, basting does not make meat juicy. He describes skin as like a raincoat, "designed to keep things out," and basting only makes the skin tasty. Opening the oven door lets out heat and slows the cooking process, which actually leads to drier meat.

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Use Foil to Make a Roasting Rack

If you don't have a roasting rack, use aluminum foil to create a thick coil for the bird to rest on in the pan.

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Revive Turkey with Broth

If you've overcooked your turkey, carve it up and drizzle it with heated chicken broth. This tip from Food Network works to not only moisten the meat but also keep it warm.

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Rub Your Turkey With Lard

Skip the oil and butter and use something with a paste-like consistency, like pork fat, that slowly melts on your turkey and maximizes its flavor. Season your fat with herbs, pepper, lemon zest and chili flakes.

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Spatchcock Your Turkey

Spatchcocking is a technique that flattens the bird by removing the backbone, so it will cook quickly and evenly. Bonus: more crispy skin!

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Cook It Frozen

If you forgot to take your turkey out of the freezer, it's possible to cook it frozen. It may take 50 percent longer to roast than a thawed or fresh bird, but you can still make a delicious turkey dinner.

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Roasted turkey is actually delicious—if you do it right! From dry meat to uneven browning, sometimes your bird doesn't always turn out the way you'd hoped. However, these turkey hacks can help save your Thanksgiving dinner! Discover the technique that ensures an evenly cooked and browned turkey, what you should do if you forget to thaw the turkey the night before and other helpful tips.

Check out the slideshow above to discover turkey hacks that can save Thanksgiving.

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