Your Future Kitchen: The Best New Appliances from CES

Your Future Kitchen: The Best New Appliances from CES
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Your Future Kitchen: The Best New Appliances from CES

Read on to learn more about the best new kitchen appliances.

Image Credit: Samsung

3D Printing Food

3D printing has gone edible! And this is great news for those with a sweet tooth. These ChefJet printers were revealed at CES and are expected to become an essential tool for professional bakers, cake-makers and luxury restaurants. The Sugar Lab, a team of molecular biologists, have already managed to make the most beautiful sugar cubes with the help of the ChefJet printer.

Image Credit: The Sugar Lab on Cubify

The Refrigerator

The Samsung Chef Collection 4-Door Refrigerator masterfully controls temperature. The device boasts a triple cooling system, which creates three separate airflows into the refrigerator and freezer. This technology creates the ideal cooling process for each compartment.

Image Credit: Samsung

Refrigerator Capacity

The Chef Collection refrigerator can hold 34 full bags of groceries, a feat no other refrigerator can manage.

Image Credit: Samsung

Ideal For Meats

This system can be adjusted to accommodate various temperatures with the help of the Chef's Pantry. This is ideal for maintaining an optimal environment for freezing fish and meat or chilling wine.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Great For Marinating

The refrigerator even has a device called the Chef's Pan, which is meant to marinate foods. It can go right into the oven or a dishwasher.

Image Credit: Samsung

Double Oven

Many cooks face the challenge of wondering whether they should purchase one oven or two. Samsung has effectively solved the problem by creating an oven that can cook two dishes at different temperatures.

Image Credit: Samsung

High-Tech Microwave

Samsung hasn't neglected microwaves. The Chef Collection Over-The-Range Microwave makes re-heating a science. By selecting the dish and the weight from the menu, the microwave sets the appropriate time and temperature to cook the food.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Smart Kitchen Thermometer

The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer keeps you updated on the temperature of up to two items via smartphone. You can take care of chores while the water boils! The magical thermometer also has the ability to interact with social media, provides real-time temperature information and even includes kitchen timers.

Image Credit: iDevices

Phone-Controlled Crock-Pot

Now you can control the crock-pot through a smartphone. Thanks to a collaborative effort between the electronics company Belkin and Jarden Consumer Solutions, the We-Mo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker was born. This is the first crock-pot that can be controlled with a smartphone, specifically Belkin's WeMo mobile app. This technology even allows you to shut off the crock-pot via phone.

Image Credit: Belkin


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a technology trade show, where big companies and professionals convene to discuss all things tech.

At this year's event, companies debuted some interesting products that aim to help out in the kitchen. In fact, one theme of this year's CES was to sync up electronic devices in the kitchen. How can this be done and how does it help you? Read on to find out.

Check out the slideshow above to see the future of kitchen appliances.

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