You Can Swap Leftovers With An App?

You Can Swap Leftovers With An App?

If you hate wasting food there is an app for you.

Launchingat the end of August, LeftoverSwappers allows its users to post photos of their leftover meals and wait for someone hungry nearby to request the food or even barter for it with their own meals!

Bryan Summersett and Dan Newman, the creators of LeftoverSwappers, came up with the idea as roommates at the University of Michigan. They hope to tackle obesity, food waste and malnutrition. They believe their user would "care about reducing waste, eating locally, and want to build relationships within your community," as explained on their website. Newman and Summersett also believe their app will help to lessen calorie intake by encouraging individuals to give away food when they're full.

And to skeptics who think that sharing food with strangers might not work: "It's obviously not for everybody," Newman said to NPR.

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