Would You Try Pecan Pie-Flavored Pringles?

Would You Try Pecan Pie-Flavored Pringles?
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Would You Try Pecan Pie-Flavored Pringles?

Snack lovers have recently spotted the newest flavor from Pringles on store shelves. Read on to discover more about Pringle's new pecan-flavored chip.

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Last year, Pringles unveiled three new holiday flavors: pumpkin pie, peppermint white chocolate and cinnamon and sugar. Pecan pie is the snack brand's newest addition.

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According to The Consumerist, the new flavor has been popping up mainly in Dollar General stores nationwide. To find one near you, try this store locator.

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The new flavor has garnered at least one enthusiastically positive response. One avid Facebook fan asked the snack brand to create "some sort of 'Pecan Pie Pringles' rehab" for their addictive and "amazing creation."

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The brand wrote on their Facebook page that their "Holiday flavors are only beginning to be rolled out." We'll keep our eyes peeled!

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Recent sightings of Pringles's newest flavor, Pecan Pie, on store shelves has been generating online buzz and debate about the "dessert chip" category.

The unusual mash-up of a fall-favorite dessert with a crispy potato snack is piquing the curiosity of snack lovers, and the new flavor is Pringles's latest addition to their holiday flavor line-up, joining three others from last year that feature flavors like peppermint and cinnamon.

Will you be trying out the new pecan pie-flavored chips from Pringles? Check out the slideshow above for more details. Plus, find out where you can buy them.

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