Would You Try A Cheeseburger-Stuffed Donut?

Would You Try A Cheeseburger-Stuffed Donut?

Recently, items like the Double Down or the 8,000-calorie English breakfast have done a good job making trendy food items like the Cronut look diet-friendly! Now, a beloved burger joint in Philadelphia has created a meal to rival them all (based on the preferences of a particularly hungry cartoon character).

The Philadelphia-based restaurant PYT is known for serving up unusual burger combinations. The burger joint even has a "Burger of the Week Club" that has featured a variety of original burgers. Some of the oddest ones have included a Thanksgivukkah Burger that sandwiches a rosemary-seasoned turkey patty between homemade potato pancakes and gets topped with sour cream and homemade apple and cranberry sauce. PYT also managed to create a Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger, a French Toast Burger and a PB&J Bun Burger.

PYT's most recent behemoth is called the Bacon Cheeseburger D'oh Nut. The menu describes the burger as having a "beef patty, American cheese & chocolate-covered bacon on a glazed donut bun. For real." It's an homage to Homer Simpson and will set you back $13.00. No doubt, the gluttonous protagonist on the show would approve of this burger! Would you dig into the Bacon Cheeseburger D'oh Nut? Tell us on Twitter!

Image Credit: Facebook via PYT