The World's Most Expensive Pasta Sauce Debuts

The World's Most Expensive Pasta Sauce Debuts

To celebrate 20 years in business, Dave's Gourmet has released its White Truffle Marinara Sauce, which is selling for $1,000 and is being hailed as the world's most expensive pasta sauce.

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The sauce, which is "handmade in Dave's Gourmet's own kitchen," according to a release, contains vine-ripened tomatoes, white truffles, and edible gold flakes. It's sold in a handcrafted wooden box, is being produced in a very limited quantity, and takes about six weeks from ordering to delivery.

"The White Truffle Marinara is a fun and fitting next step in our mission of developing innovative premium products," said Dave Hirschkop, founder and CEO of Dave's Gourmet.

The San Francisco-based company is no stranger to outrageous premium sauces. Its Insanity Sauce, introduced in 1993, is one of the spiciest available, and their Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce and Masala Marinara are also rather out-of-the box. Nothing they've ever produced, however, even comes close to this one.

Those interested in partaking in the ultimate pasta sauce splurge can call the company at 415-401-9100 to order a jar. Make sure not to overcook the pasta!

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