This Is the World's Most Exclusive Restaurant

This Is the World's Most Exclusive Restaurant

It can be hard to make a reservation at a trendy restaurant, but at The Fat Duck, you literally have to enter a lottery to get in! For six months, the Michelin-rated restaurant will move from Bray, Berkshire to Melbourne, Australia—and you'll be surprised to hear how hard it will be to get a table.

Once rated the best restaurant in the world, The Fat Duck is the creation of famed chef Heston Blumenthal. The restaurant has received three Michelin stars, and for a six month stint, Blumenthal will move The Fat Duck from its original location in Bray, Berkshire to Melbourne, Australia. However, the restaurant will require a ballot system just to book a reservation!

The Fat Duck will actually be serving dinner from February 3 to August 15 in 2015. However, to make a reservation, you'll need to try your hand at the lottery taking place from October 8th to October 26th. Just 16,000 people will be able to eat at The Fat Duck in Australia, and according to The Daily Meal, the restaurant has already received 40,000 inquiries.

Should you actually get a reservation, the set price of the meal is $525. The dinner will take about four hours and include 15 courses. One of the signature dishes is a snail porridge, which is served with eggs, bacon ice cream and an iPod.

Watch the video above to learn more about the world's most exclusive restaurant. Then, check out the slideshow below to learn more about The Fat Duck.

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