Wildly Popular Black Burger Returns to Burger King Japan

Wildly Popular Black Burger Returns to Burger King Japan

Back by popular demand, black burgers are returning to menus in Burger King Japan in a week.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the black burgers debuted back in 2012 and were a runaway hit, outselling all other new products introduced that year. Since then, they returned last year for a limited time and are now being offered this year in two versions: the basic Kuro Pearl Burger and the Kuro Diamond Burger ("Kuro" means black in Japanese). The buns, sauce and cheese are black in the burgers due to the clever use of bamboo charcoal and squid ink, and the beef patties have black pepper in them. While the Pearl burger keeps it simple with a bun, patty, sauce and cheese, the Diamond burger packs in lettuce, tomato and onions.

Time reports that black cheese is the newest addition to the black burger this year.

The burgers are available for a limited time, from September 19 to early November, and prices start at the equivalent of $4.50. Would you want to eat a black burger, or would you rather stick to the original? Tell us on @Twitter!

Image Credit: Facebook