Wild Statistics of Average Human Consumption In a Lifetime

Wild Statistics of Average Human Consumption In a Lifetime

What you own and consume every day amounts to astonishing numbers over your lifetime. You might not think twice about your daily habits, but putting it into perspective over a lifetime might shock you.

Take coffee for example. The average person drinks about three cups of brew every day, which might not seem like a lot—until you start thinking about how it all adds up. Over a lifetime, a coffee habit like this amounts to over 86,000 cups consumed, which is enough coffee to fill 125 bathtubs! Numbers like these will have your head swimming.

What about one of the nation's most popular foods, pizza? It seems like you can never eat too much of this cheesy and bread-heavy dish, until you realize the shocking number of slices the average person will devour in his lifetime. Can you guess the number? Here's a hint: You'll need to order more than 450 single pie deliveries to fulfill that many slices. Take a stab at how much chocolate the average person eats or how much water the average person will use in his or her lifetime? These eye-popping statistics behind our consumption habits will blow your mind and have you re-thinking your number count.

Check out the video above to discover the staggering statistics of the average human consumption throughout a lifetime.

Image Credit: Getty Images