Why You Should Bake Vegan

Why You Should Bake Vegan
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Why You Should Bake Vegan

Check out this slideshow to learn why everyone should try baking vegan and some great baking tips from Chloe Coscarelli.

Why Bake Vegan: Make Lower Calorie Desserts

Vegan desserts typically have less saturated fat and cholesterol than their non-vegan counterparts. "You are naturally lowering your calorie count, so it’s just not as heavy," explains Coscarelli who features a 113 calorie cupcake in her book. "When you bake vegan it leaves you feeling a lot lighter. I can have a few bowls of vegan ice cream or a few pieces of vegan cake and feel great."

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Why Bake Vegan: Play Around Without Worry

"It's much easier to play around with vegan baked goods than [with] traditional ones," she explains. "You don’t have to worry about cracking eggs; you don’t have to worry about something being dangerous if it's under-baked or raw." For instance, if you want to make your brownies more fudgy, you can bake them for less time without concern.

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Why Bake Vegan: Take Shortcuts

"[Baking] is an exact science, but it's not as exact as people assume," especially in vegan baking, Coscarelli shares. "Don’t be afraid to take shortcuts." When cooking at home, it is fine to scoop flour as opposed to spooning it, which you might do if you worked in a nice restaurant. Your dessert will still turn out well.

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Why Bake Vegan: Freeze Your Vegan Treats

"Vegan cakes and cupcakes freeze really well," she explains. "With traditional baked goods, you usually want [them] fresh that day, but vegan baked goods hold for a while." Feel free to make a vegan cake and freeze it, then just frost it the day of the party.

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Baking Tips: Reach for the Vinegar

To bake vegan, Coscarelli gets creative in how she replaces common ingredients like eggs and milk.

"One of my favorites is using the combination of vinegar and baking soda," she says. "I know it sounds strange to put vinegar in a cupcake, but if you just add a little bit of vinegar it reacts with the baking soda and it causes a reaction that binds the cupcakes together, so it replaces the eggs."

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Baking Tips: Use Coconut Milk

"Another thing I like to use is coconut milk in place of heavy cream," says Coscarelli. "It adds a little extra flavor as well which I love. It’s a great substitute."

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Baking Tips: Highlight Chocolate with Espresso

"Whenever I bake anything with chocolate, I always add a little bit of espresso powder, which doesn’t come through as an espresso flavor, but it deepens the chocolate flavor and makes it much more rich and chocolaty," Coscarelli explains.

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Baking Tips: Dust Off your Food Processor

"My mom always says it’s the workforce of the kitchen," Coscarelli says of a food processor. "Even if you don’t have a lot of space or money just buy a tiny, [four-quart] one, and then just work in batches."

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Baking Tips: Don't Over-Mix

"Everyone wants to mix, mix, mix," observes Coscarelli. "I tell people, 'don’t over-mix.' It's ok if there are little lumps. You don’t want it totally smooth."

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Baking Tips: Grab a Bowl and Whisk

With many vegan recipes these two kitchen tools are all you need. "With regular baking, you want to incorporate that egg completely because you don’t want to end up with scrambled eggs in your baked goods, but with vegan baking, you don’t have to worry about that at all," Coscarelli says. "If it is a little bit lumpy, there is no danger or potential to go wrong."

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Frosting Tips: Experiment

"So much of finding your own personal style is through trial and error," she explains. "I cant tell you how many hideous looking cakes and cupcakes I frosted at the beginning of my career because you have to just play around."

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Frosting Tips: Pipe with a Plastic Bag

"I love piping with tips, but if you don’t have tips, you can always use a Ziplock bag and just cut the corner," advises Coscarelli.

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Frosting Tips: Buy a Mini Offset Spatula

"They are very inexpensive and are great for applying frosting to cupcakes, donuts, cinnamon rolls and cakes," says Coscarelli of mini offset spatulas. "I don’t like frosting with a huge knife or spatula; I prefer something smaller for better maneuvering."

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Frosting Tips: Coat Your Cupcake Top

"If you are uncomfortable piping frosting on a cupcake, a great way to avoid that is covering it in something," Coscarelli assures. "Totally coat the top in shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips or chopped nuts. Also, if something goes wrong or it doesn’t look how you like it, that is a great way to cover it up."

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Chloe Coscarelli, winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars, talks baking tips, the benefits to baking vegan and her new book, Chloe's Vegan Desserts.

When Chloe Coscarelli joined the competition on Food Network's Cupcake Wars, the judges were not too sure about the product she had to offer. "The judges said they were concerned and worried when they heard that I was going to be [making] vegan cupcakes on the show," explains Coscarelli. Winning the competition, "was a great way to prove to people who aren't familiar with how delicious vegan baking can be that it can actually taste even better [than non-vegan baking]."

Coscarelli became a vegan after living a vegetarian lifestyle since her youth. As a vegetarian, the baker found herself eating unhealthy food such as pizza and macaroni and cheese. "It didn't seem like a good diet, so that's when I tried out veganism," she explains. "It really opened my eyes to a whole new cuisine and lots of new and exciting foods and flavor combinations. I felt so great eating vegan that I never went back."

In her latest book, Coscarelli focuses entirely on desserts. "The truth is right now there is such a growing group of people who want to try vegan baking," she says. "There are so many children that have allergies to dairy and eggs and also people who are trying to lower their cholesterol or just find a healthier alternative to desserts."

If you are part of this growing group interested in vegan baking or just love to bake in general, Check out the slideshow above to find out why everyone should try baking vegan, to learn some of Coscarelli's kitchen tips and to get a couple of her great dessert recipes.

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