Why Tea Tastes Worse When It Rains Too Much

Why Tea Tastes Worse When It Rains Too Much

Tea is an incredibly soothing drink that has been found to contain a host of health benefits like potentially preventing cancers and reducing stroke risk. Since certain teas have caffeine, it's a great antioxidant-filled beverage to add to your morning routine. Plus, a hot cup of tea is an ideal way to stay warm during the coldest months!

It's a pretty beloved beverage across the globe, too. After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. American spend 2.2 billion dollars on tea every years. The Chinese have been drinking the soothing beverage for 3,700 years!

Selena Ahmed, a professor from Montana State University, conducted a study to determine whether rain patterns affected the key chemicals and flavor in tea. For the study, researchers analyzed tea leaves gathered during a very dry period and a very rainy period. The study found that tea grew fifty percent faster during the wet period. However, the antioxidant levels dropped significantly in the tea gathered during the rainy period, which means that rain could affect the health properties and even the taste of tea.

The study was published in PLOS ONE and Ahmed was the lead author. "The study has compelling implications not only for tea, but also for all other food and medicinal plants for which changes in weather patterns can alter flavor and nutritional and medicinal properties," Ahmed explained in a press release.

Watch the video above to learn why tea tastes worse when it rains. Then, check out the slideshow below to discover teas that can help you sleep better!

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