Why Stress Eating Is Even Worse Than We Thought

Why Stress Eating Is Even Worse Than We Thought

Do you tend to snack when you are stressed out? You aren't alone. It is normal for us to grab some comfort food when things get a little overwhelming. You probably can guess that those extra calories tend to add up, but a new study explains that stress eating can be linked to serious weight gain for another reason. Researchers at The Ohio State University conducted a study with nearly 60 women around the age of 53 and found that women who are stressed can gain up to 11 pounds a year because of the combination of stress and poor eating on their metabolic rate.

According to Fox News, prior to the experiment the women were asked to not eat for half a day and were also asked how many stressors they were experiencing. The test began with a meal that consisted of 60% fat. After the meal, the women were all monitored to assess their metabolic rates. Researchers gathered that the women with no stresses burned 104 more calories than the women that had reported at least one stressor.

There is no way to prevent eating when we are stressed or worried. From this test, we can see that there may be a link to the rate of your metabolism and your stress levels. The best thing to do is reach for a healthy snack. Stock your fridge with fruits and nuts, veggies and other fresh snacks that aren't processed. If you are going to snack a little, it's important to grab the good stuff!

check out the slideshow below to learn how to make stressful snacking a little healthier!

Image Credit: Quiet Noise Creative via Getty Images