Why Airplane Food Doesn't Taste Good

Why Airplane Food Doesn't Taste Good

Airplane food doesn't exactly have a reputation for being gourmet cuisine.

The food served on flights has become a typical punch line of the collective "traveling is frustrating" joke. Airplane food is much maligned for its lack of flavor. However, there is actually a scientific reason for those less than tasty in-flight meals.

The air is drier when flying at altitude, which causes the sinuses to shrink. This response affects our ability to taste. Furthermore, the food served on planes is pre-cooked and then frozen or chilled so that it can be re-heated when traveling, which means that the food isn't as fresh as a meal served in a restaurant. If these sinus issues and cooking restrictions aren't enough, a lot of the time airplane passengers experience boredom and tend to look to food as a distraction, which can make an already average meal seem less pleasant.

Still, airlines like Qantas, American Airline and Air France are looking to change the rep of their food with the help of several experts. Delta has even hired the Iron Chef and James Beard winner, Michelle Bernstein to customize their menu.

Check out the video above to learn more about how airplanes are trying to spice up their on-flight meals.