Who is Betty Crocker?

Since 1921, Betty Crocker has been around to dole out cooking and baking tips and house-keeping advice. Many of us have grown up with this cultural icon that embodies the ideal homemaker.

With her smart red outfit and perfectly coifed hair, Betty Crocker is easily one of the most recognizable icons among food brands. However, you might be surprised to find that she isn't a real person or created in any particular person's likeness. Created by the Washburn Crosby Company as a personal way to respond to their customers' questions, Betty began as signature, became the voice of a popular radio cooking show and finally appeared as a visage with her first portrait painted in 1936. Since then, Betty has undergone several makeovers to keep up with changing times.

Check out the slideshow above to discover the evolution of Betty Crocker throughout the years.

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