White Castle Now Offers Veggie Burgers

White Castle Now Offers Veggie Burgers

Burger chain White Castle, known for its steam-grilled mini hamburgers, debuted veggie sliders on its menu today. The sliders are available at all White Castle locations nationwide for a limited run and are priced at 99 cents each.

The veggie sliders are made with Dr. Praeger's veggie patties, a popular brand of all-natural, frozen foods available in most grocery stores and are "chock full of lots of vegetables like carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach, broccoli and more," according to a press release. Customers can dress their sliders with honey mustard, ranch or sweet Thai sauce.

"The Veggie Sliders offer Cravers an incredible new taste experience that's different from any other sandwich on our menu," said Jamie Richardson, White Castle vice president.

The sliders were initially part of a test run this past summer at limited locations in New York and New Jersey and proved successful enough to add to the permanent menu this winter. During testing, the chain considered other sauce options like chipotle lime ketchup and harissa.

White Castle's newest menu addition follows a trend of fast food establishments increasingly offering more vegetarian-friendly options. According to Eater, Chipotle introduced chipotle-braised tofu and veggies, called Sofritas, as a protein option this year, while Burger King has been offering Morning Star veggie burgers on its menu for several years.

Watch the video above to learn more about White Castle's new veggie sliders.

Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images