Which Seafood Should You Avoid Eating?


The seafood industry has taken a toll on the ocean's resources, and many marine species have been impacted. Years of overfishing have reduced some populations to below sustainable levels, and harmful farming practices damage the ecosystem.

Andrew Sharpless' book, The Perfect Protein, sheds light on this issue by arguing that better management of our wild seafood supply allows our oceans to "sustainably provide more fish for the world to eat." He believes we are overlooking major food sources, such as small fish like anchovies, mackerel and sardines, that "could feed millions inexpensively."

By avoiding seafood that is threatened or sourced in ways that harm the environment, we can exercise mindful seafood consumption and give time for the ocean to restore itself. Find out how shrimp causes more harm to the environment than you'd think and why you should take a closer look at the label when shopping for king crab.

Check out the slideshow above to discover which seafood you should avoid eating.

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