Which Country Has The Best Food?

Which Country Has The Best Food?
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Which Country Has The Best Food?

Read on to learn which countries have the best food.

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According to an Oxfam ranking, the Netherlands has the best food! The Netherlands' average diet is relatively low-carb, and only 6.3% of the population has diabetes. 100% of people have access to clean water and food is relatively affordable.

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Deborah Hardoon, a senior researcher at Oxfam who helped make the ranking, explained the decision: "The Netherlands have created a good market that enables people to get enough to eat. Prices are relatively low and stable and the type of food people are eating is balanced."

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The Netherlands squeezed past France and Switzerland on the list of ranked countries. Both France and Switzerland have bountiful food supplies and plenty of healthy options. In France, 29% of the overall national diet is carb-heavy foods like cereal and grains, and in Switzerland, 24% of the average diet is composed of carb-heavy foods.

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Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Belgium tied for fourth place on Oxfam's list. The only non-European country to break the top 10 list was Australia, coming in eighth.

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The United States actually has very affordable food, but due to "extreme" numbers of obesity and diabetes, it tied for 21st place with Japan. While 33% of the U.S. population is obese, 98.8% of people have access to clean water and food prices are very stable.

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Oxfam recently examined the status of food in 125 countries all over the world.

They then ranked the countries to determine which one was the best place to get good quality, affordable food. The resulting "Good Enough to Eat Index" evaluates the countries based on food quality, access, nutrition and cost. The researchers also took into account availability of clean water, weight of children and variety of food, in addition to diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Can you guess which country was number one?

Check out the slideshow above to learn which countries have the best food.

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