When to Taste Your Dish and Other Kitchen Tips For The Can't Cook

When to Taste Your Dish and Other Kitchen Tips For The Can't Cook
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When to Taste Your Dish and Other Kitchen Tips For The Can't Cook

There is no need to be intimidated by the kitchen. Jessica Seinfeld learned how to cook on her own and you can too. Read on for some of her helpful hints to get started.

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Open up your Space.

"Always start with an uncluttered workspace," says Seinfeld.

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Simplicity is Key.

"Choose uncomplicated recipes," she offers.

Read Carefully.

According to Seinfeld, "Read the recipe through completely before you do anything, so you know what you’re getting into with no surprises."

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Make it Routine.

"Make it a ritual to set yourself up the same way every time," shares Seinfeld. "Get your cutting board out (put a damp paper towel beneath it so it doesn’t slip), knife, canister of utensils nearby, pinch bowl of salt and pepper mill."

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Stay Sharp!

"Always use a sharp knife!"

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Stay Clean.

"Be clean and be careful of cross contamination of raw meats and chicken with other food," Seinfeld says.

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Take It Slow.

"Don’t be over ambitious!" warns Seinfeld. "Try one new recipe every week or two. Your first time out, don’t do a massive shopping for a bunch of recipes. Start slow, with one you are excited about."

Do a Taste Test.

"Always taste the finished dish before you serve it," she advises. "Make it taste good to YOU. If you think it needs more salt, add it! If you like things spicy, add some hot sauce or ground pepper. Trust your taste buds!"

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Have Fun!

"Take your time, drink a glass of wine to relax you and put on some music," explains Seinfeld. "You may actually have fun, even your first time out of the gate."

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Seinfeld got her start in kitchen at an early age assisting her mom. Since, Seinfeld has educated herself with technical literature like Cooks Illustrated Magazine and the work of Harold McGee. She's even trained with some star chefs, but she believes anyone can undertake cooking with enough practice and a few quality ingredients.

Seinfeld credits her can-do cooking attitude to these early days in the kitchen and now to surrounding herself with the work of inspiring chefs, Marcella Hazan, Alice Waters and Julia Child.

Today, Seinfeld focuses on good preparation. She believes planning meals and organizing time to shop are crucial steps to master in order to make cooking a routine. She even likens it to exercise, "You just have to make time for it and not give yourself the option to blow it off," she advises.

High quality ingredients are also of the utmost importance to Seinfeld since she feels that it only takes a few great ingredients to make a tasty meal. The cookbook author swears by basic things like a great cutting board, a sharp knife, a timer, a pepper mill, kosher salt and olive oil.

Check out the slideshow above for nine essential cooking tips from Seinfeld.

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