What's Really in Chefs' Refrigerators

Have you ever wondered what a chef's kitchen looks like: Is it immaculate? Huge and luxurious? Or more likely, tiny, sparse, and mostly unused? There's the common saying that a person's eyes are the windows to their souls, so, since we always have food on the mind, we wondered if the same were true of chefs' refrigerators. Are they windows into the cooking and eating habits of chefs? From what we found, we think so.

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Our quick peek into their refrigerators revealed chefs' peculiar eating and snacking tendencies during the few hours they're away from the restaurant. So what did we find? We saw the basics, yes, like Dijon mustard and butter, but we also found that Champagne, mayonnaise, yogurt, and hot sauce are pretty common across the board.

Chef Jonathan Waxman always has at least three types of hot sauce in his refrigerator, while Sriracha was a favorite amongst chefs like Angelo Sosa. Some oddities? Smucker's grape jelly (Chris Jaeckle); Four Loco (Francis Derby, Shorty's 32); and string cheese (Erica Hara, 9 Restaurant).

Check out the slideshow above to discover what's really in chef's refrigerators.

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