What's Really in Chefs' Refrigerators

What's Really in Chefs' Refrigerators
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What's Really in Chefs' Refrigerators

What is really in chef's refrigerators?

Jonathan Waxman, Chef/Owner, Barbuto, New York
“Let’s see, we always have maple syrup, organic unsalted butter, always prosciutto, (my son only eats prosciutto and hot dogs), and always at least three different kinds of hot sauce, if not more. I love this one hot sauce from the Barbados that my neighbors brought back to me. And always Parmesan cheese."

Credit: Flickr/David Locke

Jasper Schneider, Executive Chef, Hudson Hall, New York
"Beer; good French salted butter; Homemade Worcestershire and Ponzu sauce; Greek yogurt with honey."

Credit: Flickr/Kendraja

Chris Jaeckle, Former Executive Chef, Ai Fiori, New York
"Beer; Bottle of Cristal Champagne; Smucker’s grape jelly; Dijon Mustard; Skippy smooth (not crunchy); Kirby cucumbers that I pickled myself last summer; Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise; Hellman’s mayonnaise; Brie; Pepperoncinis; Truffle butter; Philadelphia cream cheese."

Credit: Flickr/Roadsidepictures

Sam the Cooking Guy
"Kewpie the Japanese mayo: I always have it on hand. In fact, the other night, I combined Kewpie and steak sauce, for a salmon, put it on top of the salmon, and put it in the broiler."

Credit: Flickr/uglyagnes

Geoffrey Zakarian, Owner/Chef, Lamb’s Club, New York
"Whole grain mustard; Greek yogurt; fresh berries; rosé wine; French butter; capers; savory herbs."

Credit: Flickr/HarlanH

Angelo Sosa, Chef, Social Eatz, New York
"Kimchee; Fish Sauce; Sriracha; Pickles; Coffee-Mate (vanilla)."

Credit: Flickr/Barron

Francis Derby, Executive Chef, Shorty's 32, New York
"Really good butter like Vermont sea salt, Lescure (whatever we can find at Murray's): I don't skimp on the quality of my butter; I eat it like cheese Hot sauce: Always Sriracha, Sambal, and green Tobasco Coconut Water: Nothing better after a long service."

Credit: Flickr/soumit

Didier Elena, Former Executive Chef, Adour, New York
"Boursin Cheese: We always have this and a little trick is that you can stuff a chicken with this and roast it and the garlic and herbs flavor the chicken really well. Lemons. Ginger. Scallions."

Credit: Flickr/joana hard

Eric Hara, Partner/Executive Chef 9 Restaurants, New York
"Sriracha: Totally versatile and you can add to almost anything. String Cheese: My kid and I love eating it all the time. Baby Carrots: So I can feel like I’m eating healthy."

Credit: Flickr/ccharmon

Tony Conte, Executive Chef, The Oval Room, D.C.
"Chicken tenders; Starbucks espresso drinks; Eggs; Lemonade from Whole Foods; Leftover Bacon & Onion Pizza."

Credit: Flickr Mdid

Tony Maws, Chef/Owner Craigie on Main, Cambridge, Mass.
"Crab, Fish Sauce; Aged Soy Sauce; Garlic Chile Paste; Matouk’s Hot Sauce; Cheese."

Credit: Flickr/Emily Barney

Executive Chef/Owner David Kinch, Manresa, Los Gatos, Calif.
"Butter: Because everything is better with… Eggs: I love egg dishes, plus they’re quick and easy. Different Cheeses: Another quick and easy meal on the run. Cranberry Juice: It’s my favorite."

Credit: Flickr/Richard Donovan


Have you ever wondered what a chef's kitchen looks like: Is it immaculate? Huge and luxurious? Or more likely, tiny, sparse, and mostly unused? There's the common saying that a person's eyes are the windows to their souls, so, since we always have food on the mind, we wondered if the same were true of chefs' refrigerators. Are they windows into the cooking and eating habits of chefs? From what we found, we think so.

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Our quick peek into their refrigerators revealed chefs' peculiar eating and snacking tendencies during the few hours they're away from the restaurant. So what did we find? We saw the basics, yes, like Dijon mustard and butter, but we also found that Champagne, mayonnaise, yogurt, and hot sauce are pretty common across the board.

Chef Jonathan Waxman always has at least three types of hot sauce in his refrigerator, while Sriracha was a favorite amongst chefs like Angelo Sosa. Some oddities? Smucker's grape jelly (Chris Jaeckle); Four Loco (Francis Derby, Shorty's 32); and string cheese (Erica Hara, 9 Restaurant).

Check out the slideshow above to discover what's really in chef's refrigerators.

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