What Was on George Clooney's Wedding Menu?

What Was on George Clooney's Wedding Menu?
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What Was on George Clooney's Wedding Menu?

Read on to learn more about the menu at George Clooney's wedding.

George Clooney had 100 cases of Casamigos tequila flown in for the affair. The actor co-owns the Casamigos company.

Image Credit: Peirre Teyssot, AFP

At the bachelor party, Clooney and friends dined on stuffed zucchini flowers and tagliolini pasta with truffles at Da Ivo, a restaurant known for its Venetian and Tuscan foods.

Image Credit: Robino Salvatore, GC Images

The actual wedding took place very quickly. The guests then enjoyed a five-course meal prepared by the Italian chef Riccardo De Pra. The canapés included prosciutto and figs and polenta with wild mushrooms. The menu included lemon risotto with lobster and sea bass. Of course, there was a wedding cake too!

Image Credit: Andreas Solaro, AFP

The Sunday after the wedding was filled with food as well. The picnic-style buffet by the pool at the Ciprani Hotel consisted of freshly caught fish, bacon and egg club sandwiches, buffalo mozzarella and tomato salads, hamburgers, cheesecake and gelato. The drinks included Italian coffee, sparkling water, espresso, Bellinis, champagne and tequila.

Image Credit: Andreas Solaro, AFP


After a whirlwind romance with Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney finally tied the knot. The extravagant wedding was a four-day affair in Venice and you better believe the food had to be as exciting as the nuptials. Between the five-course meal and the 100 cases of tequila flown in for the event, we're willing to bet guests didn't go hungry (or thirsty).

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about what the guests ate at George Clooney's wedding, and for more details, head to StyleList!

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