What Types of Chocolates Should You Avoid?

What Types of Chocolates Should You Avoid?
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What Types of Chocolates Should You Avoid?

Check out this slideshow to learn the best and worst chocolates for your friends, family and significant other.

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For Your Kids

Milk chocolate is a beloved family favorite! Stay away from anything too fancy and look for milk chocolate done in a playful way, such as an oversized chocolate Kiss or chocolates with Valentine's Day messages on the wrapping.

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For Your Parents

Parents and in-laws will be thrilled you thought of them for Valentine's Day! Stay away from heart-shaped items and go for chocolates with a bit more sophistication: truffles.

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For Your Friends

Here is where it gets fun: go crazy with your Valentine's Day chocolates for friends! Over-the-top, heart-shaped chocolate candies in reds and pinks are fun to pass between friends, or an assortment of dark, milk and white chocolates should do the trick.

Try making Valentine's Day grab-bags for friends and co-workers. Buy a variety of chocolates, toss a few of each into clear bags and fasten with a pretty ribbon. That way, you can personalize each to that friend's taste.

For Your Nieces and Nephews

For young nieces and nephews, it is all about volume when giving chocolate treats. Try putting together a bag of some classic milk chocolate candies, including M&M's and mini chocolate bars. Avoid large chocolate bars or anything they can't eat on the run. Who knows, they may toss a few in their backpacks before heading to school each day.

For Your Boss

It is always a bit tricky selecting the right chocolate for a co-worker, let alone your boss. Be sure to stay away from anything that could be interpreted as romantic. A selection of chocolate lollipops makes a fun gift that your boss can keep at his/her desk and share with others. We love these lollipops from See's Candies!

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For a New Valentine

You may not have a perfect grasp of this person's palate quite yet so a classic box of chocolates with a variety of options may be well-received. For extra points, go gourmet or artisan and write a card to pair.

If you fear your new Valentine may have allergies, avoid anything controversial such as chocolate peanut butter candies or varieties with nuts.

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For a Long-Time Valentine

Break traditions this year and celebrate your successful relationship with a fresh romantic gesture. Skip the heart-shaped box of chocolates and bring home chocolate-covered strawberries the two of you can share together.

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For a Long Distance Valentine

Presentation is everything when selecting chocolates to send long distance since you won't be there to hand it to your loved one. Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to go for a grand gesture. Decorated chocolates, cute cupcakes or chocolate dipped items (think Oreos or pretzels) are sure to wow. Be sure to include a well-written card!

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For a Picky Valentine

Avoid random-assortment boxes of chocolates by all means! Stick to straight dark or milk chocolate based on their preferences. Buying from a company they will be familiar with will also help your cause!

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For a Healthy Valentine

Believe it or not, chocolate isn't as bad for you as you might think. Flavanols, a flavonoid found in chocolate, have antioxidant abilities and are highest in chocolates that are the least processed. Rather than a milk chocolate, many of which have sugary additives, reach for a dark chocolate (especially one with cocoa that hasn't been treated with alkali, if you can find it!).

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For an Adventurous Valentine

Standard milk and dark chocolates are far too safe for this Valentine! Try looking internationally for foreign chocolates they have never heard of or select chocolate in an unexpected form such as a rich, dark drinking chocolate.

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Purchasing the perfect Valentine's Day chocolates can be overwhelming since each person on your list likely requires a different type to reflect your relationship. From a new relationship to a 50-year marriage and from the picky Valentine to the adventurer, we tell you the best type of chocolates to buy and which you should avoid.

Check out the slideshow above to pair chocolate varieties with everyone on your Valentine's Day list.

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