What to Eat to Get the Most out of Your Workout

Getting in shape is more than just how much iron you can pump. In order to optimize your workout, choosing the right foods to fuel your body beforehand and recover your body afterward is crucial. Trying to lose weight by starving yourself before a vigorous workout will result in more muscle loss than burnt fat.

Without the proper fuel to burn, your workout intensity and calorie loss will also be lower than if you ate something nutritious. Your body needs the perfect amount of calories, carbohydrates, hydration, and nutrients to keep you going for that last rep. Try a handful of nuts or cranberries, an apple, a natural energy bar or turkey and grapes about 20 minutes before your morning jog to get the most out of your workout.

Check out the video playlist above for tips on how to nutritiously get the most out of your workout. Then check out How to Have The Best Summer Workout Ever by our friends at StyleList

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