What Does Your Favorite Food Say About You?

What Does Your Favorite Food Say About You?
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What Does Your Favorite Food Say About You?

Do you like sweets or prefer salty or spicy flavors? What you like to eat may actually say a lot about your personality. Find out here what your favorite foods say about you.

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Chocolate, Caramel or Honey

A 2012 study from North Dakota State University and Gettysburg College found that people who love sweets tend to be more agreeable. The study included a survey and people who ranked sweets as their favorite foods also denoted that they demonstrated more agreeable behaviors than those who preferred other flavors.

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Chocolate, Caramel or Honey

The study discovered that people who like sweets act more kindly as well. At the end of the survey, the researchers asked for volunteers to help with another study without compensation, and more people who liked sweets volunteered than those who did not.

If you like chocolate, caramel, honey and other sweet foods, you likely have a kind disposition.

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What type of chocolate you like also says something about your personality type. According to Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., head of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in an interview with NBC News, people who prefer dark chocolate are very social whereas people who prefer milk chocolate enjoy spending more time solo.

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French Fries

Loving salty foods, like fries, means you "go with the flow." You take things in stride and likely believe that what will be, will be and that your fate is out of your hands.

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Mexican Food

If you think you like spicy foods because you are daring and like to live on the wild side, you may be wrong. Instead, you are focused on controlling all aspects of your life. This is tied in with the fact that unknowingly, you may be flocking to spicy Mexican food to lower your body temperature (through perspiration) and therefore trying to take control of your body.


Your favorite toppings have a lot to say about who you are. Plain cheese pizza lovers know what is important in life. They don't sweat the small stuff and understand the big picture. If you are a fan of the ever-popular pepperoni pizza, you are likely a team player. If you enjoy a mushroom slice now and again, you have the tendency to be a hard worker who finds your work to be highly rewarding.

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If you constantly have bacon on the mind, it may be because you crave laid back, social interaction, as the meat is often associated with a leisurely weekend breakfast or brunch.

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If a spicy tuna roll calls your name, it may be because you are adventurous and always ready to try new things. You also care about appearance in most aspects of your life.

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A love of burgers shows that you have a strong sense of nostalgia. The classic food is often associated with happy times grilling out or with childhood.

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Ice Cream

Your personality may be tied to your favorite type of ice cream. Coffee ice cream lovers are full of life and take on too much at once. If you prefer mint chocolate chip, you are confident, strong-willed and always have a plan. Vanilla-lovers follow their gut no matter what logic says. They are unexpectedly bold. Meanwhile, those who delight in chocolate chip ice cream find joy in the little things and are thankful for what they have.


Do you ever wonder why you gravitate toward sweet, salty or spicy foods? Do you love noshing on pizza or do you prefer treating yourself to a piece of chocolate? Your food choices may not be so random after all. Some studies have shown that your favorite foods can say a lot about your personality.

From sushi to bacon and hamburgers to ice cream, learn what your favorite foods say about your personality in the slideshow above.

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