What To Do With Your Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

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What To Do With Your Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

The day is done. The bird has been roasted, sliced, and devoured, but there is still a healthy pile of leftover meat to contend with. What to do?

If you yearn for little feasts throughout the year, carefully portion some meat with potatoes, dressing, and veggies on a microwave-safe plate, cover with a little gravy (to help keep moisture when re-heating), cover firmly, and freeze for future turkey nights. Similarly, bag chunks of turkey to defrost at whim for warm sandwiches and salads, or a tasty addition to soups, omelets, and other meals.

If sandwiches are your cup of tea, you can feast in a cavalcade of turkey sandwiches, or make your own concoction -- a turkey salad melt is divine, as is a classic hot turkey sandwich swimming in rich gravy.

With all of these ideas, that turkey will be gone before you know it!