What to Do with Leftover Wine

It has become a minor obsession when I travel to ask home cooks how they use wine in the kitchen. Fortunately, my questions have mostly been answered in the form of a dish set in front of me.

Pour an entire bottle of sparkling wine into the roasting pan for each chicken, was the somewhat boozy answer from the Champagne region of France. Add wine to risotto, was the similarly enthusiastic answer from the Prosecco region of northern Italy. Baste gamey meats with red wine, I heard there, too. Douse ice cream with a splash of grappa, I heard (and tasted) in Friuli. (Interested in those recipes? Just say the word in the comments section below!)

Yes. Yes. And, um, yes. Check out the slideshow above for some more ways to make your wine do double duty.

Homemade Red Wine Barbecue Sauce
Chicken with Figs, Wine and Honey

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