Weekend Catch-Up: From the Crumbs Saga to Game of Thrones Wines

Weekend Catch-Up: From the Crumbs Saga to Game of Thrones Wines
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Weekend Catch-Up: From the Crumbs Saga to Game of Thrones Wines

Read on to catch up on this week's food news stories.

Crumbs Closed...Maybe.

On Monday, July 7th, Crumbs closed suddenly, shocking employees and cupcake enthusiasts throughout the nation. Then, an investor group decided to bring the brand back to life, which sent its stock soaring. This cupcake saga has only just begun.

Image Credit: Bloomberg

The Frobot

Two geniuses, Melissa Nelson and Jeremy O'Sullivan, got the bright idea to put frozen yogurt in a vending machine. The Frobot provides a seven-ounce serving of one flavor of froyo for just three dollars. The Uber offices in D.C. have the machine already, but the inventors have some big plans for the Frobot, including swirling two different flavors and selecting different sizes.

Image Credit: Facebook via Frobot

Game of Thrones Wine

Yes, the last Game of Thrones season ended a while ago, but now we have the wine to look forward to! An ad agency called Common Ventures plans to release 12 different wines correlating with various tribes/houses in Game of Thrones. The Wines of Westeros include Stark, Lannister,Targaryern, Greyjoy, Arryn, Baratheon, Dothraki, Tyrell, White Walker, Wilding, Martell or Night's Watch wines.

Image Credit: Twitter via Wines of Westeros

The Microwave That Counts Calories

General Electric has designed a microwave that counts the calories of the food it's heating. It does so through an algorithm that measures fat content, water content and food weight.

Image Credit: GE

New Way to Defrost a Steak

A brilliant Taiwanese game show clip demonstrated to viewers how to defrost a steak without electricity in five minutes. You only need two metal pots and water for this trick. Just flip one pot upside down, place the steak on top and then cover the steak with the other pot. Pour water into the top pot. This works for one-centimeter thick steaks and even five-centimeter thick with a little more time.

Image Credit: Getty Images


This week everyone was talking about Crumbs. Not only did the cupcake chain close suddenly, but then some investors showed interest in bringing it back into action. Crumbs crumbled, then got a second chance. It was a busy week in the world of food.

In other news:

  • There's a new Game of Thrones line of wines.
  • Some smart inventors put frozen yogurt in a vending machine.
  • Now you can defrost meat in five minutes without electricity.
  • A microwave prototype can count calories.

Check out the slideshow above to catch up on this week's food news.

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