Watermelon Tricks You Need to Try

Watermelon Tricks You Need to Try

Summer may be nearing its end, but before it officially becomes fall, we want to make sure we've given watermelon the attention it deserves this season. Filled with more lycopene than a raw tomato and an impressive amount of vitamin C, watermelons are as healthy as they are refreshing. Not only is it good for you, but there are some surprising ways it can actually entertain you too.

With just a spigot, a knife and a spoon, you can turn a watermelon into a festive punch dispenser or a keg. Just cut a hole in the top of the watermelon and remove the center. Then cut a small hole in the side of the watermelon and place the spigot in the hole. Pour punch or a beverage of your choice into the top of the watermelon, and enjoy the new watermelon-flavored drink you've created! After seeing this trick, you'll probably want to try it at your next party to wow guests.

Did you know that you can explode a watermelon with rubber bands? That's right, just wrap a lot of rubber bands around the center of the melon and wait until it explodes. (Warning: This trick will cause a mess, and you'll probably want to back away before it explodes for your safety!)

If messy watermelon tricks don't intimidate you, try chopping a watermelon in half with the help of a coin. Push the coin into the watermelon rind around the entire fruit, in a circle. Then karate chop the watermelon in half! (Be sure to proceed with caution with this trick as well.)

Watch the video above to learn all the cool things you can do with a watermelon!

Image Credit: Getty Images