Watch Second Graders React to a $220 Tasting Menu at Daniel

Watch Second Graders React to a $220 Tasting Menu at Daniel

Daniel is arguably one of the best restaurants in New York City. Created and owned by renowned chef Daniel Boulud, the two-Michelin-starred restaurant boasts a $220 dollar tasting menu that buys customers seven delicate courses. The New York Times decided to send six second graders to Daniel to see how they'd react to the luxurious experience. Boulud hoped that the children would leave the meal with an understanding of complex flavors and textures, even though he was well aware that kids preferred more familiar foods.

The kids were slightly bemused, but surprisingly adventurous. Caviar is probably not going to impress any second grader, and these kids were no exception. "I can't believe I'm going to eat fish eggs!" Amira Patrick exclaimed. Still, these kids had better taste than you might expect. Plus, they managed to convey astute reviews in child-like terse language. The steak "was cooked just right," according to Rohan Gelber-Higgins, who was reviewing the wagyu beef rib-eye he'd just consumed. (We're going to bet that he was most likely correct in this assertion.)

Dessert was, of course, met with delight. (The balloons on top of the chocolate truffles probably helped.) When Daniel asked the children about their favorite course, Chester Parish enthusiastically replied that the lemon-scented madeleines were his favorite. It's pretty darn cute when the kids—adorned in chef hats—propose a toast to justice for all.

Watch the video above to see how second graders adorably reacted to this expensive meal!

Image Credit: New York Times