The Vanilla Ice Cream Challenge

The Vanilla Ice Cream Challenge

Do you remember the Pepsi challenge? I mean the original challenge from the late 70's. You'd be minding your own business at the grocery store or mall when someone would snag you and set you in front of a table with two small cups on it. You had to taste both and tell the white-coated person behind the table which you preferred.

Learn how to make this Classic Vanilla Ice Cream.

I'm a Coke person. Always have been. Well, except for that whole New Coke fiasco. We'll just pretend that Coca Cola didn't trip them selves in that brief moment. The idea that I can take a drink of my favorite drink, not know what it is, and choose the other instead is ludicrous.

I was the Pepsi Challenge's worst nightmare. I would look for the table and sidle my way up to it, looking as innocent as possible so they'd pull me over. I'd take the challenge. I'd take one sip of the first cup, state, 'That's Pepsi. I don't like it.' They'd thank me without writing a single thing down and shoo me on my way.

I feel the same way about ice cream. I know what I like and there's no reason to try and change my mind. Why would anyone even bother? Dudette's alway telling me that my ice cream is boring as she spoons her chocolate and peanut butter concoction into her mouth.

I just smile. You see that bowl up there? Vanilla. From whence all good things begin. And my favorite.

If you want to know if an ice cream recipe is good, make vanilla. If there's something wrong with the preparation, there's no where for it to hide, no chance of it being covered up. Vanilla is pure and simple. You should taste cream; you should taste vanilla.

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