Vanilla beats chocolate as America's favorite ice cream flavor

Vanilla beats chocolate as America's favorite ice cream flavor

Vanilla is the nation's favorite ice cream flavor and beats chocolate for the second time, according to the International Dairy Foods Association. The finding came from results of the second annual survey of International Ice Cream Association (IICA) member companies.

Butter pecan came in third place, and was followed by a tie between Neapolitan and Rocky Road for fourth place.

The survey also reveals that American consumers prefer premium ice cream, which has a higher fat content, over regular ice cream. More consumers are demanding frozen yogurt and no-sugar-added ice cream products.

When it comes to ingredients that are mixed with flavors, pecans are the most popular nut topping and strawberry beat out cherry for the fruit's top spot.

Americans love ice cream in a sandwich and on a stick, but are also partial to novelties like bars, push-ups, four-ounce tubes and mini-cups.

Companies that serve by the scoop found that Americans aren't picky about how it's served; cups, sugar cones and waffle cones were all popular. The most requested toppings were hot fudge, sprinkles and nuts.

Image Credit: Daniel Grill

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