Valentine's Day Cookie from Around the Web

Valentine's Day Cookie from Around the Web
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Valentine's Day Cookie from Around the Web

We had a hard time deciding on the perfect batch to bake, so we looked to our friends on Pinterest for some Valentine's Day cookie inspiration.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Super Cute Cookies

Tender & Sweet Notes

We're a particular fan of these sweet (pun intended) cookies. Tender notes on delicious cookies are a sure bet to claim anyone's heart.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Pretty in Pink

Beautifully crafted, heart-shaped pink cookies! Elegant with the perfect touch of detail.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Etsy

Pink and Lace

Quite possibly our favorite cookie from the bunch. Exquisite detail! We're not sure we'd want to take a bite out of this. It's just too pretty!

Image Credit: Pinterest via Mom's Shopping Engine

Red Velvet Cream Cakes

We could definitely enjoy one or a thousand of these.

Image Credit: Pinterest via The Stationary Sisters

Gluten-Free Love Bite

Take a bite out of gluten-free love this Valentine's Day with this delicious and adorable heart-shaped cookie.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Scripted Words

Beautifully crafted and scripted Valentine's Day cookies with words full of love! Who said messages should only come in cards or on the classic sugar heart-shaped candies?

Image Credit: Pinterest via It's Written On the Wall

Valentine's Day Sandwich Bites

A great idea if you're aiming to stray away from the popular sugar cookie. Why not make Valentine's Day cookie sandwiches?

Image Credit: Pinterest

Leave It to Martha

Is there anything she can't do? These cookies are the perfect touch to any Valentine's Day.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Martha Stewart

XOXO Cookies

Xs and Os are the perfect way to express your affection toward your significant other this season. Cute, subtle and sweet.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Three Square Chef

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pop

A lovey-dovey spin on the classic choc-chip goodness.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Lil Sugar

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookie Ball

Cherry and cookie dipped cookie balls of love.

Image Credit: Pinterest via And Twins Make 5

Honey Nut Love

Easy, simple heart-shaped honey nut cookies for Valentine's Day!

Image Credit: Pinterest via Cupcake Project

"I Woof You"

Don't forget to include your other favorite buddies in the holiday mix. They need loving, too.

Image Credit: Pinterest


There's something to be said about Valentine's Day and cookies. They are a pure, natural fit. With so many options and colors, it's hard to choose the perfect batch to bake. Should you go with the pink hearts or how about a delectable red velvet treat? The options are endless.

Get in the Valentine's Day spirit by teasing your imagination with all the cookie possibilities. Then, dive right in. Ready, set, preheat that oven!

Get festive and creative with these sweet, elegant Valentine's Day treats. Check out our slideshow above!

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