Underground Chinese Companies Found Recyling Expired Food

Underground Chinese Companies Found Recyling Expired Food

While China's economy grows, poor food safety standards continue in spite of recent government efforts to improve food safety regulations.

Forbes reports that Chinese police have uncovered 10 underground companies in Zhejiang's Cagnan County which have been recycling expired food and selling it as fresh food nationwide.

The expired foods, made from animal proteins like chicken drumsticks and wings and sold vacuum-sealed, were collected by food processors in Wenzhou, China, where they were opened, bleached with cleaning powders, made to look fresh with chemical additives and coloring agents and repackaged for sale in stores throughout the nation.

According to the Forbes article, local newspaper Jiangnan Times revealed on Friday that as high as five percent of packaged food in China contains recycled waste. Wenzhou police officers say millions of tons of expired product is recycled every year in Pingyang County.

Image Credit: Noel Hendrickson

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