The Ultimate Festive Hanukkah Menu Guide

The Ultimate Festive Hanukkah Menu Guide
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The Ultimate Festive Hanukkah Menu Guide

Did you know Hanukkah means "dedication" in Hebrew? Dedicate your holiday season this year to creating some festive, bold new recipes. Trust us, your palate will thank you (and so will your family and friends).

Oven-Crisped Potato Latkes

A must on your menu. What Hanukkah is complete without traditional latkes?

Try this recipe to create a classic Hanukkah favorite!: Oven-Crisped Potato Latkes

Latkes with Sour Cream-Mushroom Sauce

Enjoy the taste of latkes paired with this creamy sauce to give it just the right extra touch you were looking for.

Sound delicious? Try this recipe spin on the classic favorite: Latkes with Sour Cream-Mushroom Sauce

Golden Tumeric Latkes with Applesauce

Looking to add a little extra kick to your traditional latke dish? Try tumeric, balancing out this hearty meal with a deliciously satisfying side of applesauce.

Want to try the recipe? Click here: Golden Tumeric Latkes with Applesauce

Quick Applesauce

Apple sauce pairs perfectly with potato latkes. Balancing out the salty with the sweet (not to mention an array of textures), your stomach will surely be satisfied.

Want to prepare the sweet and sultry side that complements your latkes? Click here: Quick Applesauce

Classic Challah

Whether preparing to serve with your meal, or turning into a brilliant french toast breakfast, be sure to include in your Hanukkah menu.

Grab the recipe! Click here: Classic Challah

Sweet and Sour Green Beans

Don't forget to include green beans on your Hanukkah menu! This delicious recipe will have guests coming back for more (you may want to make a little extra!).

Want to try the recipe? Click here: Sweet and Sour Green Beans

Braised Brisket and Roots

Now for the main entree: Brisket. Serve up this delicious main course with a variety of side dishes.

Surely a recipe you won't want to miss! Click here: Braised Brisket and Roots

Slow-Cooked Brisket in Onion Gravy

Enjoy this brisket meal served with a warm topping of onion gravy.

Want to test this recipe? Click here: Slow-Cooked Brisket in Onion Gravy

Oven-Barbecued Brisket

Tear into this mouth-watering oven-barbecued brisket. The cider vinegar, chili powder and paprika help pack some extra spice into every bite.

Looking for a new way to prepare brisket this holiday season? Click here: Oven-Barbecued Brisket


As if the latkes and other fried foods and delicious entrees aren't enough, sufganiyot, better known as jelly donuts, are the best way to end your meal.

Learn how to prepare these delicious donuts: Sufganiyot

Image & Recipe Credit: Pinterest via Sufganiyot


These tasty sweet treats pair perfectly with tea or coffee post-dinner. Enjoy each bite, as the fruit melts in your mouth and livens your palate.

Make rugelach at your home! Click here: Rugelach

Image & Recipe Credit: Pinterest via Sweet Amandine


Are you hosting Hanukkah this year? We've got everything you need to host a fabulous Hanukkah celebration!

Hanukkah kicks off by the lighting of the menorah. This celebration is in tribute of the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks. After the victory, in order to purify their Holy Temple, the Jewish troops mandated ritual oil to be burned for eight days and nights. Unaware that they only had enough oil for one day, they moved forward. To their surprise, the oil burned and glowed bright for eight days and nights, creating what we now know today to be the miracle of Hanukkah.

Common traditions include the lighting of the menorah (an additional candle each evening), the spinning of the dreidel and, of course, eating scrumptious, rich, fried foods. Why fried? Well, after all, it IS the celebration of the miracle of oil.

Check out the slideshow above to find our favorite Hanukkah dishes.

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